Guatepassport is a Travel Agency and tour operator focused on the improvement of our environment donating a percentage of the cost of your tickets or packages to causes related to reforestation, awareness campaigns, eco friendly technology, etc.

We were born as a group of people interested in exploring all the small and beautiful places Guatemala offers, as time passed by we started to realize that even when all the places we were visiting  are amazing, there is lack of conscience about the care, pollution and exploitation of these places.

We really think about the way we travel, how we can contribute to improve the environment in every place we visit, what can we do for the community giving them solutions to protect and take advantage of their resources without causing any harm to our environment.


Why do you want to book your holidays with us?


Once you book your travel with us you are automatically contributing to all small communities in Guatemala trough environment education programs and self-sustaining projects in order to conserve the environment. And Yes, you will be contributing to all of these even if you are not traveling to Guatemala, we raise funds by giving you your dream holidays around the world!


We also work through social media massive campaigns of environment education as well as invitations to be part of voluntary reforestation campaigns and cleaning campaigns in different communities, that way we create and approach between people willing to help but haven’t find the way to do it before.